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IPARD II Program for Serbia 2016-2022

Through the IPARD II Program, along with diverse complementary sources of support and corporate partnerships, we ambitiously aim to foster, facilitate and maximize access to over 200,000,000€ for our Fellow LAGs and their members throughout rural Serbia for the 2016-2022 period.

Rural development in Serbia will be supported via a 7-year rural development programme (IPARD II). The Program will provide primarily investment support to boost the competitiveness of agri-food sector and it will assist with its gradual adjustment to EU hygiene, food safety, veterinary and environmental standards, and to diversify rural economy. Moreover, establishment of producer groups, rural infrastructure, training actions, including advisory services, agri-environmental measures, forestry, and Leader local initiatives may be supported through the IPARD programme. The IPARD programme will also reinforce capacities of relevant EU funds management structures for them to be able to efficiently manage and implement the programme in line with the EU requirements. Institutional capacities of the agrarian agency and supporting organisations such as extension and advisory services will be strengthened in order to prepare for access to EU support through direct implementation of projects.

The IPARD II 2016-2020 Program for Serbia is the primary mechanism of EU support to rural development and Local Action Groups and their members, on any topic, in any part of rural Serbia, wherever impactful innovation and entrepreneurship is naturally emerging. As innovation tends to occur on the boundaries of definitions, priorities and measures of the IPARD Funds allow LAG members to respond to areas of greatest need and opportunity.

To accelerate and facilitate access to these funds in their full capacity, National LEADER Network actively and closely collaborates with national, provincial and local administrations to help them meet the main preconditions and ensure smooth functioning of the IPARD II management and control systems and operating structure.

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