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National Leader Network’s mission to improve rural lives and strengthen rural communities is fueled by the passion and hard work of 600+ organisations involved. People are giving their time and talents to create lasting solutions that improve life for everyone. 

Groups and networks of LAGs working together accelerate and spread social and economic impact of LEADER/CLLD approach. NLN engages communities of rural changemakers and develops patterns of effective collaborations that change entire rural development fields in Serbia.

NLN Fellow LAGs working together are creating an informal network of incalculable power. All over Serbia and Europe, NLN facilitates collaborations of Fellow LAGs so that they can learn from one another, share valuable knowledge and insights, and leave better equipped to advance their work.

As a result of EU-wide collaborations, NLN is able to distill the most effective patterns and unify them into a "mosaic"— a synthesis of the commonalities and intersections of key principles that guide individual solutions within LAGs. These overarching mosaics are then disseminated nationally, and form the basis of our programmatic initiatives specific to each field of work, such as rural youth development or the rural environment.

In this way, rural networking not only helps Fellow LAGs become more successful, but it also helps NLN identify cutting edge trends and implement them more broadly.

Meaningful community solutions require more than money or programs or policies. The kind of real and lasting change that benefits everyone is only possible when people from all walks of life are willing to roll up their sleeves and go where their time and talent is most needed.